ReportMagic 2.18

New MacrosMany, many new Meraki macros! [Meraki.NetworkClientList: ][Meraki.WirelessNetworkDevicesLatencyList: ][Meraki.WirelessNetworkDeviceLatencyList: ][Meraki.WirelessNetworkClientsLatencyList: ][Meraki.WirelessNetworkClientLatencyList: ][Meraki.WirelessNetworkDevicesConnectionStatsList: ][Meraki.WirelessNetworkClientsConnectionStatsList: ][Meraki.WirelessNetworkConnectionStatsProperty: ][Meraki.WirelessNetworkDeviceConnectionStatsProperty: ][Meraki.WirelessNetworkClientConnectionStatsProperty: ]Also: [ReportMagic.ConnectionStatusProperty:] macro determines the status of a ReportMagic connection so you can avoid running a section of a report if the remote system is unavailable.ImprovementsIt is now possible to clean up old files from the output folder on Report Schedule execution.API: It is now possible to determine the status of a connection.[ReportMagic.ConnectionList: ] now supports skip and take parametersReportMagicClient nuget package now makes a PUT request instead of a PATCH…

ReportMagic 2.17

Introducing... RM Scripts!With the released of ReportMagic 2.17, it is now possible to move many of the hard-to-read macros out of your Report Template (.docx or .html) document and into one or more "RM Script" files.
We hope that this new feature provides a much better development experience for power developers. Script developmentTo develop a new RM Script: Create a new file in your Input folder with an ".rmscript" file extension (e.g. "test.rmscript")Right click on the file and click "edit in Report Studio"Develop the script:Enter macros, one or more per lineYou can add any whitespace, including tabs, spaces and newline characters, these are all stripped out before executionYou can add any other characters between the macros - these are also stripped out when executing.To test, press the play button.  Note that there is no output, but the variables in the variables are updated. Script usageTo use the RM Script: In your Report Template (.docx or .h…

ReportMagic 2.16

In ReportMagic 2.16, the ReportMagic Agent now support Linux. This has been implemented as a native binary running on Centos 8 managed by systemd. Documentation is provided with the binary.
Other than that, this version is a bug fix release.

ReportMagic 2.15

Enhanced Meraki Reporting CapabilitiesReportMagic 2.15 contains enhanced Meraki reporting capabilities, Meraki HTTP reporting access connection support and the following new macros: [Meraki.ReportOrganizationList:][Meraki.ReportTopDevicesUsageList;] [Meraki.ReportNetworkClientsTotalsProperty:] to obtain client totals for a network for a given period[Meraki.ReportNetworkClientsPerDayList:] to obtain Meraki network clients per day[Meraki.ReportNetworkThroughput:][Meraki.OrganizationDeviceListStatusProperty:] Additionally, you'll find a new template in the Library which provides detailed reporting information based upon the Meraki Dashboard Summary Report page. Other Improvements  The [Meraki.ReportNetworkEthPowerPerDayList;] macro can show increased numbers of datapoints, up from the previous maximum of 50.Updated version of the LogicMonitor HealthCheckNew In RBAC:Layout more aligned with workflow Additional feedback messagesThe [Sql.Graph:] macro now supports the palette property for d…

ReportMagic 2.14

New MacrosServiceNow macros now support sysparm_display_value so you can show the actual value or the display value, if that is different.ServiceNow macros now allow multiple properties to be returned.[LogicMonitor.WidgetStatus:] macro reports whether your LogicMonitor Dashboard Widget is alive, returning a 200^ OK response, or dead, in which case a 404 response is shown with an appropriate error message. This macro is not supported for HTML Widgets.[Jira.LastImage:] macro inserts the most recent image from a JIRA ticket. Bug Fixes Various bug fixes including:
The [Meraki.NetworkList:] macro now supports the ProductTypes and disableRemoteStatusPage properties.The [LogicMonitor.SummaryValueList:] macro now respects the format parameter.The [Email:] macro now allows the sending of full-width Png/Jpeg/Gif graphs, (not in tables) when running in Stable rendering mode.The [Email:]macro now sends tables correctly, with some formatting limitations.The [ForEach:] and [EndForEach:] macro works…

ReportMagic 2.13

General ImprovementsBetter logging, including full details of any exceptionsBackend code tidy up and enhancementsHelp tweaksSuperAdmins can give you trial access to Enterprise Features on a non-enterprise license RBAC EnhancementsYou can now restrict or allow read access to Schedules. This affects Schedules presented in the Schedules page, and in the Search Everything results.You can restrict or allow user access to individual folders.For ease, when adding a role permission, the default is now "Read".A user that is made a Tenant Admin has Role Memberships removed - they are unneeded since they have access to all areas. Users that are demoted from Tenant Admin are assigned the same Role Membership as a regular user. Even better LogicModule Management The ability to review (before/after):LogicMonitor LogicModules requiring addition, import and updateChanges to the devices that the LogicModule would be applied toModifications to the LogicModule that would be made as part of th…

ReportMagic 2.12

OverviewPerformance improvementsLogicMonitor Tool enhancementsRBAC enhancements Performance improvements Users of the Report Progress Page should notice significant performance improvements. LogicMonitor Tool enhancements Users of the LogicMonitor LogicModule Management tool will notice significant usability and design improvements. RBAC enhancements Initial Role-Base Access Control (RBAC) features were very basic.  This release brings significant enhancements, permitting fine-grain file and Report Schedule access control. Bug fixes There have been many minor bug fixes.  Admins can review these in the Admin / Release Notes section.